Are You Prepared for Facebook Mobile Advertising

Facebook Ads Icon on Phone

Did you know Facebook shared in their Second Quarter report that they saw an average of 1.47 billion users per day in June 2018? Or that mobile advertising represented approximately 91% of their advertising revenue? So what does this mean for you… well, if you’re advertising on Facebook, you’re probably advertising to mobile users, and if that’s true, are you constructing advertising that performs well for the mobile user?

We’ve shared with you before key tactics like consistently using video and story-telling versus product placement when you post.  Are you translating those tips into your mobile advertising?  Does your product video hit-the-mark on being captivating and engaging?

Are you:

  • sharing users’ experiences or, better yet, user-generated content?
  • taking the time to record testimonials and share them in dynamic ways?
  • marketing yourself/your brand as a subject matter expert and providing solid solutions?
  • defining your brand as something unique and worth the effort?
  • talking to YOUR audience?  Casting too wide may yield less and cost more than you want.

Here are some tips to explore with Facebook mobile advertising:

  • Investigate Facebook’s Canvas (now Instant Experience) – it’s Facebook’s platform to create ads/promotions that function best for mobile.  It’s used in conjunction with Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Focus on the Value and Call-to-Action.  Be discerning in what you have to offer and be careful in how you drive your audience to engage with you.  If you choose “Get more messages”, do you have the manpower/hours to answer a barrage of emails or would it be more prudent to drive them to your website. Having a dialogue with your customers is always the best option, but if you’re overwhelmed it’s OK to rely on your website – it never sleeps and it doesn’t have to sit in rush hour traffic in the morning.
  • Facebook shared that it is not unusual that nearly every day a user will scroll through their feed a distance equal to OR GREATER than the height of the Statue of Liberty. That pretty lady is 305 feet tall.  That’s how far our thumbs slide over our phone screens. Every. Day. That’s a lot of content to digest.  Think about the ads that you actually recall, and analyze them for how they struck a cord – did the ads feature a sale? Mention your home town? Was it liked by a friend or colleague?  Picture? Video? Did you like the colors? This is a free exercise, and it may help inspire you to construct what you like and avoid what you don’t.
  • Another free exercise – when you see an ad that you like, try to view it on both desktop and mobile (sometimes it’s a boosted post while other times it’s a paid ad and you may not see it in both feeds).  If you get the chance, compare if the advertisement is successful in both places, and log why you think so. Screenshot it on your phone and desktop, and keep it in a file to share with your team to gain their opinions.
  • Install Facebook Pixels and review your account often.  Your demographics matter.  You may not have them down to a reasonable science yet but that will come over time and engagement.
  • Facebook mobile ads are similar to any other kind of marketing campaign.  Testing your message is the key to your campaign success. Have different verbiage, different calls-to-action, use photo vs video, humans with products vs product by itself, have sound vs no sound, and eventually you’ll find a formula that works well.
  • Pay attention to Facebook Insights and analyze your Insights.  The data is readily available, it’s free, and it’s intentionally there to help you be successful with your audience.  The same is true for Ads Reporting through your Ads Manager.

Have questions or need training creating or managing your mobile advertising?  Schedule a consultation or social media training with Leslie Laney.